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Benefits of being a member of CAP


  • Being part of an extensive network of colleagues and members, which provides support and an exchange of ideas in order to better our skills as paralegals.
  • Benefiting from continuing education and expanding our knowledge in law by attending conferences, seminars and discussion groups.
  • Taking part in the recognition and advancement of our profession and establishing links with the various provincial bar associations.
  • Receiving LIAISON, a legal newsletter, which contains various interesting articles.
  • Having access to valuable information appearing on CAP’s website.
  • As a general or student member of CAP, have free access to CAIJ – Centre d’accès à l’information juridique.
  • As a general or student member of CAP, be eligible for the auto, home and business group insurance plan of  La Personnelle.
  • As a general or student member of CAP, benefit from the corporate rebates of CAP’s partners.




  1. Any person/company/association interested in becoming a member of CAP must complete the appropriate application form, for one of the membership categories described in the following section: “Membership Categories”.
  2. The applicants for “General membership” must obtain a certification from a legal professional or provide a copy of their certificate or diploma of studies in the legal field issued by an educational institution recognized by any provincial legislation in Canada. The applicants must also provide a brief job description (for more information, please consult the application forms in question). The applicants for “Student membership” must submit proof of their enrollment in legal studies, issued by their academic institution.
  3. All applicants shall agree to be bound by CAP’s code of ethics.

NOTE: The board of directors may, at its absolute discretion, refuse to admit any applicant, notwithstanding that all conditions of admission have been fulfilled. It may also suspend or exclude any member who does not respect the provisions of the charter documents, the code of ethics, the by-laws or any operating policy or position statement adopted by the board of directors, from time to time.

Only General Members in good standing will be entitled to vote at meetings of members. Student Members will have no voting privileges but will receive all information, and publications etc. offered by CAP.



Subscriptions and Renewals

General Member Quebec $235.95 plus taxes

Student Member Quebec $14.95 plus taxes

Student to General Member transition Quebec $114.95 plus taxes

General Member outside Quebec $177.20 plus taxes

Student Member outside Quebec $10.95 plus taxes

Student to General Member transition outside Quebec $77.60 plus taxres

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